1983First order for VW, spray booth and oven
1985Order from Beijing Automobile Company, paint shop for minibuses
1986Dürr office in Beijing
1992First filling and EOL order
1993Dürr office in Shanghai
1997Dürr China becomes subsidiary & workshop
First turnkey order for SGM
1999Schenck RoTec sets up a business in China
2003Integration of all Dürr procuct lines in one company
2004Common office site for Dürr Ecoclean and Schenck in Shanghai
2005Dürr Ecoclean Shanghai sets up local manufacturing
New workshop at Qingpu
First export business GM - Holden Australia
Fist waterborne base coat application with SGM
2006Dürr Ecoclean starts to produce and export standard machines
2008Dürr Ecoclean establishes 5600㎡ testing and show room area
2012Dürr Qingpu new workshop start production

Dürr opens new mechanical engineering site in Shanghai

2017Dürr China Campus and R&D center into operation
Dürr News